Get Rid of Cat Urine Odors Frugally and Naturally!

After finding out that my cat had been peeing on the carpet for weeks, having her checked, nursing her back to health, cleaning out the litter boxes thoroughly, changing the litter, removing the stains, and retraining her to use the litter boxes again, I had only one problem left: the horrible cat pee smell!

I had smelled that smell before but didn’t know what it was at first! I said to my dad, “What is that smell!” he said, “I don’t smell anything.” “It smells like something stale!” I said.  I wouldn’t find out what was going on for another two weeks!

I know that there are lots of great enzymatic products out there that really work to get rid of cat urine smells, but they can be  expensive. Luckily, I found a natural, less costly process that uses a few items you probably already have at home.

There is lots of debate about whether this method works or not. I think the older the stains are, the more work you may have to do. If the urine is fresh, you won’t have to work so hard and you may only have to do this method once. I had to do this about 5 times to finally get rid of the smell. Since the items used are very cheap, I was okay with this.

It’s also said that this method may ruin your carpet. We have white carpet here, so that wasn’t an issue. If you have colored carpet, you need to test in an area that won’t be seen. If you have color changes, you may need another method.

Olivia from the Hot and Handy Show shows you what to do to get rid of the cat urine smell with just five items:

*NOTE*-I find it works better to actually let the vinegar/water mix dry completely instead of blotting it up with a cloth.

Eric at uses the same method for carpets, but he also shows you how to get rid of the smell from clothes, floors, and walls.

I’m so thankful I don’t have to throw out the carpet, my clothes or the cat!


The Everyday Products Every DIYer Should Have!

Yes, this list is based on what ‘I’ use, keep and think everyone should have on a day-to day basis if you want to make things and save tons of money as well. These are products that have multiple uses. To me, that is a good investment! I hate products that can only be used for one thing!

Vinegar-white distilled and apple cider (cleaning, cooking)
Epsom salts (laxative, garden fertilizer, bath soak)
baking powder (cleaning, baking)
cornstarch (cooking, making shirt starch, cosmetics)
Olive oil (cooking, cosmetics)
borax (cleaning, laundry, cosmetics)
bleach (cleaning, crafts)
lemons (cooking, cleaning)
vodka (drinking, cleaning, herbal extracts)
peroxide (first aid, crafts)
rubbing alcohol (first aid, crafts)

You can combine some of these products with others to get even more from them:

White vinegar + epsom salts = foot soak
baking powder + salt = tooth powder
olive oil + lemon juice = salad dressing
borax +olive oil + (beeswax) + water = lotion!
olive oil + water + (lye) = soap!
vinegar + water = window cleaner
olive oil + lemon juice + epsom salts = body scrub

There are many more combos, probably an infinite number of them, that can be created from the master list above. With the addition of a few more items, like beeswax, ammonia, and lye, there really won’t be any need for you to go out and buy, well, and specialty product, unless of course you want to!

Stash Busting!

How silly is this! I was reading a book on making your own skincare products, and it listed various ingredients needed to make certain treatments at home, like guar gum, lecithin, glycerin, aloe vera gel, borax, and beeswax to name a few! I own all of this stuff!

I currently have 10 different kinds of gluten free flours in my refrigerator!

I own egg replacer and powdered egg whites, but still buy real eggs!

I have 14 different colors of sequins.

I’m not even going to discuss the many yards of fabric in my possession. It currently occupies a WHOLE ROOM!

I have several boxes of mini toiletries I’ve collected from various hotels I stayed in when I was a flight attendant.

That’s just the beginning!

So, I’m on a spending freeze and only buying absolute necessities, so that I can put a dent on all this stuff. From the looks of it, it’s gonna be a long time before I have to buy any of this stuff at any store.

Party on the clothesline!

Are you hanging your clothes to dry? Good for you for freeing yourself from the high cost of the clothes dryer.

Still need convincing? Why not make your on cool, colored clothespins!? They are so fun, you just have to show them off!

The floor cleaner solution I like best

Stop throwing your money away!

“Make your own non rinse mop solution”

It works very well. No streaks. Smells nice. I don’t have to throw away those Swiffer sheets. Win. Win. Win.

I use an old Swiffer container to put my washable, reusable cloths in. I have a big one. I just pour the solution over the cloths, making sure all of them get sopping wet, not damp. I have a designated bucket for the dirty cloths, and when it gets full, I wash them with bleach and start the whole process over.