Make your own laundry detergent!

Trying to find value in laundry detergent is very difficult, since there is no standard size box or bottle and each company has it’s different sized cap or scoop to measure detergent with.

It makes me not want to buy the stuff.  Now, it looks as if we may not even need laundry detergent at all! What we really need to get our clothes clean is agitation.

But since most of us believe soap=clean, well you can make your own. You can make it for just pennies.  I’m serious! Take a look…

I also like this idea because you can add your own fragrance too if you like, or not at all.

I know you are keeping your old detergent bottles to put your own detergent in, right?


The sexiest bean dishes!

There was no survey done or a poll taken.  These are the dishes the “I” think are sexy.

It’s time for beans to be more than cheap food.  Beans can be transformed into lots of dishes that have flavor, texture and variety all while helping you keep more of your money in your pocket.

Just look at all of the things you can make with them:

1. Hummus-no real surprise here, right? The magic happens when you make your own and add all kinds of deliciousness, like roasted red peppers, roasted garlic, caramelized onions, or wasabi. Make your own pita or tortilla chips.

2. Dhal-To me, this is how soup made with bean should be.

3. Black Bean Brownies-Beans? In brownies? You would never guess! These brownies are that good!

4. Mango and Black Bean Salsa-Quit buying that crap in the jar!

5. Strawberry daifuku-Hey, that strawberry is in there for a reason!

6. Panisse-The best fries make out of chickpea flour. You will not believe how incredibly good these are!

7. Falalel-You have not had good falafel until you have made your own. The stuff in the box will never come close.