The Everyday Products Every DIYer Should Have!

Yes, this list is based on what ‘I’ use, keep and think everyone should have on a day-to day basis if you want to make things and save tons of money as well. These are products that have multiple uses. To me, that is a good investment! I hate products that can only be used for one thing!

Vinegar-white distilled and apple cider (cleaning, cooking)
Epsom salts (laxative, garden fertilizer, bath soak)
baking powder (cleaning, baking)
cornstarch (cooking, making shirt starch, cosmetics)
Olive oil (cooking, cosmetics)
borax (cleaning, laundry, cosmetics)
bleach (cleaning, crafts)
lemons (cooking, cleaning)
vodka (drinking, cleaning, herbal extracts)
peroxide (first aid, crafts)
rubbing alcohol (first aid, crafts)

You can combine some of these products with others to get even more from them:

White vinegar + epsom salts = foot soak
baking powder + salt = tooth powder
olive oil + lemon juice = salad dressing
borax +olive oil + (beeswax) + water = lotion!
olive oil + water + (lye) = soap!
vinegar + water = window cleaner
olive oil + lemon juice + epsom salts = body scrub

There are many more combos, probably an infinite number of them, that can be created from the master list above. With the addition of a few more items, like beeswax, ammonia, and lye, there really won’t be any need for you to go out and buy, well, and specialty product, unless of course you want to!


Make your own lotion!

I’m never buying lotion again! I’m serious! I just found out how easy it is to make!

I was thinking about why I buy the things that I do, especially self care products. There is this illusion that things like soap, lotion, shampoo, toothpaste and deodorant are things you can’t make yourself because of all the chemicals you see on the ingredients list. I found out that those chemicals are not necessary to make lotion (or any other product). You only need a few ingredients that you use already: water, oil and wax! Believe it or not, I already have alot of the ingredients needed to make not only lotion, but creams, lip balms, toothpaste and soap! You probably do too!

I found this basic recipe at Wabi Sabi Baby. It’s a good place to start if you want to try doing this. I’m having fun testing out all kinds of lotion recipes, but I haven’t created ‘the one’ yet. Just like any recipe, sometimes it takes time and a little tweaking to find the one you like!