Washing machine blows!

from familyhandyman.com

After more than 20 years, the washing machine decides to jump too high! Something separated in there and now it leaks all over the floor! Yay! It’s definitely not the end of the world and it’s only water, but it didn’t make for fun times for me, especially since I was already running on lack of sleep AND it was a low hormone day! Nothing got water damaged except for my 40 pound box of cat litter and only the bottom of the box.

Decision is split among the house as to what to do next. I say fix it. It’s lasted this long without any problems whatsoever, so it can’t be anything other than replacement parts we need to invest in, which would cost way less than a brand new machine. The other camp says buy a new one. This one is over 20 years old and the headache of trying to fix it is more than they are willing to deal with.

I don’t think we can really afford a new machine. If the other camp really wants to get a new one, I’m trying to persuade to get a good used one. No need to go the retail route.


What goes on sale throughout the year

Well, I was just about to say how I’ve also wanted a list of things that go on sale during the year and the best month to buy certain items, now I can’t find the list! ARRRGGH! When I do, I’ll post the link.  Meanwhile, if you find something similar, please let me know!

Putting up food without a garden

Freezing cheap finds is the next best thing!

I’m sad to say that I’m not able to do a garden at this time. It’s something I really wanted to do, but I’m not getting much support on this. It’s strange because a garden has been maintained here before for several years and it was quite enjoyable, at least for me.

I tried to do some container gardening on the deck, but it been so hot that the poor plants didn’t stand a chance! It was pretty pathetic.  Perhaps, it’s a good thing that I won’t be able to do gardening. With the heat, it would have been alot of work just to keep the plants alive. I’m thinking of trying again after the weather gets cooler. I’m in a warm zone, so the growing season is a little longer.

What I have been doing is buying an abundance of fruits and veggies when they go on sale. I don’t mean any sale, I’m mean rock bottom sale. Like peaches for .69 cents/pound, broccoli for .99 cents/pound and cherries for $1.99/pound. When I see these prices in the sale papers, I make sure to get a few pounds of what’s cheap. Then I take it home and IQF everything.

It’s making our freezer pretty full. If I keep this up, I will have to buy a separate freezer just for food storage.

I’m diggin’ “Junk Raiders”!

Have you seen this show? It’s a Discovery Canadian show that shows on the Ion Life network here in the U. S. The challenge is to do an uptown high end loft using junk. The cast in a mash of freecyclers and high end designers and contractors and their personalities couldn’t be anymore different! The sparks aren’t just from the power tools! It’s a great show. So good in fact that there’s going to be a second season!

Passion and Pittance

Let me ask you one question…

Why are you penny pinching?

What are you doing this for?

I’m serious!

Do you have a goal? A plan? A vision? A purpose?A reason?

Or are you just doing this because you think you don’t have a choice?

Because if you’re not passionate about being thrifty, you won’t stick with it! If you don’t have a point, you won’t last two months. It’ll just feel like deprivation, and anytime you feel deprived, you rebel by overdoing.

So…what are you passionate about? What can’t you live without? What makes you leap out of bed in the morning? If you had a choice of any occupation in the world, what would it be? What kind of retirement do you want to have? What kind of education do you want for you children?Are you trying to get out of debt?

The point is to fund your passion, and mercilessly slash the cost for everything else! Make your passion your priority. Everything else comes 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc.

Love traveling more than designer lattes? Make coffee at home and put the savings in a travel savings account.

Love eating good food? Save your money for more chances to indulge instead of buying new $400 designer boots that won’t be all that hot after next season.

Have a goal to get out of debt in a year? The money you saved from eating at home, picking up a second job, and skipping new clothing purchases goes to making that hole smaller and smaller.

It doesn’t matter the reason. Just have one. Everything else falls into place.

Weddings and cans will never be the same!

Have you heard of the wedding can couple?

They raised the money for their wedding by collecting aluminum cans and recycling them. Guess what? They met their goal! They are still collecting cans to pay for their honeymoon and to donate to charity.

See what you can do when you use a little creative thinking? I can’t wait to see the pics of their wedding!

Identifying The Wants

Hey, we all have them.

I’ll start. I want these:

from Forever 21

Great summer heel that goes with some of the edgier items I have for summer wear this year.  They are cute and affordable.

But, that’s not the point.

What will happen if I buy these shoes?

I won’t wear them!

How do I know this?

I currently have three pairs of shoes sitting in my closet that have never been worn! They are all cute and they were affordable when I bought them.

I don’t want these shoes to have the same fate. I don’t want to feel like I spent my $30 in vain. I need to give my other shoes a chance to be seen.

I’m enjoying looking at the reasons why I buy certain things. Most of the time, it’s not because I actually need the item. Identifying the wants and the reasons for wanting them has been a real eye opener about feelings, impulses, spending habits, justification, imaginary lack, and excuses. I notice that when I work on the internal reasons for me spending money, I tend to spend less or nothing at all.

Here’s another good example. I was at GW boutique (we all know that one right?) There was a beautiful, never been worn coat on the racks. Tags were still on. They sell their coats for $8. I tried it on, and it fit perfectly. I was just about to plunk down my money, when I stopped cold. My brain said “What are you buying this for?” I actually thought about it for a minute. I didn’t need the coat! It didn’t match anything, it didn’t have pockets and I have several coats that are just as cute already in my closet. I was going to buy it because it was new and only eight bucks! So, I put it back. It wasn’t about the $8, but about why I was about to spend it in the first place!

I’m really beginning to see why I have such a huge chunk of money in my “shopping” piece of the money pie I posted earlier.