Get Rid of Cat Urine Odors Frugally and Naturally!

After finding out that my cat had been peeing on the carpet for weeks, having her checked, nursing her back to health, cleaning out the litter boxes thoroughly, changing the litter, removing the stains, and retraining her to use the litter boxes again, I had only one problem left: the horrible cat pee smell!

I had smelled that smell before but didn’t know what it was at first! I said to my dad, “What is that smell!” he said, “I don’t smell anything.” “It smells like something stale!” I said.  I wouldn’t find out what was going on for another two weeks!

I know that there are lots of great enzymatic products out there that really work to get rid of cat urine smells, but they can be  expensive. Luckily, I found a natural, less costly process that uses a few items you probably already have at home.

There is lots of debate about whether this method works or not. I think the older the stains are, the more work you may have to do. If the urine is fresh, you won’t have to work so hard and you may only have to do this method once. I had to do this about 5 times to finally get rid of the smell. Since the items used are very cheap, I was okay with this.

It’s also said that this method may ruin your carpet. We have white carpet here, so that wasn’t an issue. If you have colored carpet, you need to test in an area that won’t be seen. If you have color changes, you may need another method.

Olivia from the Hot and Handy Show shows you what to do to get rid of the cat urine smell with just five items:

*NOTE*-I find it works better to actually let the vinegar/water mix dry completely instead of blotting it up with a cloth.

Eric at uses the same method for carpets, but he also shows you how to get rid of the smell from clothes, floors, and walls.

I’m so thankful I don’t have to throw out the carpet, my clothes or the cat!


What really worked to heal my cat from stones!

She's been through quite alot in a short period of time!

Disclaimer: Though I have worked in a vet hospital, I’m an not a veterinarian. I am in no way recommending that you try what I tried to help my cat. It is very important to take the cat to the vet if there are problems, especially for correct diagnosis. It’s very important no matter what you choose to use to bring your cat back to health.

In the past few weeks, there has been alot of stress in the house. My mother started chemo for her third fight with breast cancer. I was working 12-14 hours per day to prepare for my very first craft show. During this time, my cats were really feeling the chaos.

My girl peed on the wall! She made sure I was looking too! I know that when your cat pees anywhere but the litter box, you have a problem! The message got across to me. Not only did she pee in front of me, it was bloody! This is where I began to freak out!

Why? I had no idea how I was going to pay for a vet visit. It has been hard enough to eat well on a budget, for me and my cats. Somehow, I did manage to get it together and find the money to take my cat to the vet. I was told that my cat may have stones. The procedures were starting to get astronomical in cost, and my head started to spin. We paid for what we could afford, and went home, although they wanted to do more tests.

In the past week, I have learned a great deal about urinary stones in humans and animals. I have to say that before you try any particular product, you need to know what kind of stones your cat has. It’s very important!

Most of the time, humans have stones because their diet is too acidic. Foods that produce acid are meats, sugar, dairy products, coffee, and chocolate. These foods show up on our plates DAILY, when they really should be limited to occasional treats. Anyway, olive oil and lemon juice or organic apple cider vinegar have been used with great success to dissolve stones in humans. Lemons and (organic) ACV are alkaline, thereby dissolving stones.

Cats, on the other hand, have been designed to be strict carnivores. They are the ones who can eat meat all day and everyday. Their bodies actually prefer an acidic diet. However, cat food is formulated with grains and only flavored with meat, which makes their digestive systems more alkaline. It’s bad news, because cats develop struvite stones from a diet that’s too alkaline.

If you try to use olive oil and lemon juice or (organic) ACV to dissolve struvite stones in cats, you will only be making the problem worse! You’ll just be adding more fuel to the fire, the stones will not dissolve, and your cat may be in a very serious situation.

You will need something that makes things more acid. 100% cranberry juice (with no added anything) or cranberry capsules will provide that needed acidic level to dissolve struvite stones. I had my girl on organic ACV and saw nothing, despite the success rate I read about here. When I switched to using cranberry juice, within just a few hours, I saw four hard white things that were kicked out of the litter box! I placed them in a bag for analysis by the vet!

Struvite stones are the most common in cats, especially ones that are 7 years and younger. I was pretty sure my cat had struvites because I have fed her the exact same food from the first day I got her. A dry food that is suppose to be ‘premium’ with a premium price tag to match!

Cats can have calcium oxalate stones if their diets have already been modified to account for struvite stones. So if you have had problems with stones before and your vet has prescribed an anti- struvite diet (usually called s/d) and your cat has stones again very quickly, you need to find out what these stones are!

Stones main culprit is food, the wrong kinds of food, in people and pets. I’ve always said that 99% of health problems usually start with what you eat on a daily basis. Because my cats depend on me for their nutritional needs, I’m the one that is responsible for making sure that they get the food that will keep them in optimum health. I’ve learned alot about what I need to feed my pets.

Dry cat food is very dehydrating for cats. The prey that they would catch in nature is almost 70-80% water. Dry cat food is only 10% water. It makes their urine more concentrated! No wonder cat pee smells so bad! It’s said that all cats have to do to combat the dehydration is to drink more water. But, here is the kicker, cats are not designed to drink lots of water! Their bladders are not big enough and their kidneys get super stressed when there is too much water going through their system. There is a very high rate of kidney failure in cats here in the US. In contrast, it’s said that in Europe, this is not a problem because cats there are fed wet food.

So, I’m making the gradual switch to canned food. Now, instead of wet food being a treat, dry food will be the treat. I know that dry food is formulated to give cats the full range of vitamins and minerals they need, so I will need to do more research and more label reading to find the best wet cat food that’s not too junky!

The Everyday Products Every DIYer Should Have!

Yes, this list is based on what ‘I’ use, keep and think everyone should have on a day-to day basis if you want to make things and save tons of money as well. These are products that have multiple uses. To me, that is a good investment! I hate products that can only be used for one thing!

Vinegar-white distilled and apple cider (cleaning, cooking)
Epsom salts (laxative, garden fertilizer, bath soak)
baking powder (cleaning, baking)
cornstarch (cooking, making shirt starch, cosmetics)
Olive oil (cooking, cosmetics)
borax (cleaning, laundry, cosmetics)
bleach (cleaning, crafts)
lemons (cooking, cleaning)
vodka (drinking, cleaning, herbal extracts)
peroxide (first aid, crafts)
rubbing alcohol (first aid, crafts)

You can combine some of these products with others to get even more from them:

White vinegar + epsom salts = foot soak
baking powder + salt = tooth powder
olive oil + lemon juice = salad dressing
borax +olive oil + (beeswax) + water = lotion!
olive oil + water + (lye) = soap!
vinegar + water = window cleaner
olive oil + lemon juice + epsom salts = body scrub

There are many more combos, probably an infinite number of them, that can be created from the master list above. With the addition of a few more items, like beeswax, ammonia, and lye, there really won’t be any need for you to go out and buy, well, and specialty product, unless of course you want to!

So many wine bottles, so many uses!

See this?

This is my ever growing collection of wine bottles. What can I say? I have a family member whose all about the vino. Funny thing is, he’s healthier than all his brothers and friends his age! He’s doing something right!

When I see the glass bottles in the recycling bin, I have to save them! I actually rescue any unbroken glass. It’s just too nice of a material to let go of.

So I have a couple of ideas of what I’m going to do with the bottles and the corks, but it’s always cool to find a few more. I’m not the only one that’s putting wine bottles to good use.

There are five awesome projects at has a few more!

How about wine bottle plant nannies! I bought those plastic flower holders for grave sights at the dollar store to use! Just snip a small piece off the long stake and invert your wine bottle! lists some really great ideas for using all those wine corks!

MacGyver Guys are Sexy!

Have you heard about Mechanical Mashup?

They have this great project on making your own photo softbox that has inspired me to create my own. I just had to see what else they could do! Turns out, these guys could make a guitar out of a cigar box, pumpkins that flame, and disposable cups into iPhone holders! Sa-weet!

You know who else I like? The guys on the TV show Food Jammers! When I saw them make their own ice cream with a coffee can and a marble, I was hooked! Any guy that can do that has my attention!

It’s just a LITTLE disturbing that all these guys happen to be Canadian! Where are all my crafty American dudes! MacGyver can’t be the only one!

I’m donating socks!

I studied dance while I lived in Japan, and it was the highlight of my time there. I'm on the front row. To find me, look at the hands!

Between 1997-2000, I was an English teacher in Japan. Those three years were some of the best of my entire life. I have always had a real soft spot in my heart for Japan, because I got so much from the Japanese people. I was hired to teach English, but I was embraced, very well cared for, and learned so many things outside of my English classrooms. Even my family was treated so well when they came to visit me. I remember taking my father to the train station and not being at all worried because I knew someone would help him get to his destination.

Now, it’s my turn to give back!

I certainly wish I could give so much more! When you’re on an extreme budget, you often think that you have no way to give, but you have to think outside the box, just like you do when you are trying to figure out how to eat, drive, clothe and entertain yourself on half a shoe-string budget.

I was very excited to learn about Socks for Japan! My mom always buys bunches and bunches of socks. She gets them at the dollar store. I asked her if she would like to give some for the sock drive, and she was more than happy to contribute!

Of course, there are many other ways to contribute. Carly at Chic Steals has a great list of organizations that are accepting donations. And like she says, if you can’t donate money or items, donate a little time and spread the word! Even a little makes such a difference!

Follow the Bull!

If you’re coming to the All Arts Market this weekend, I’ll be at booth 309. I’m a basement dweller. Just look for the bull and you’ll be in the right place.

So what’s with the ‘Nandi’ name? Some of you already know that I use that name on stage when belly dancing.  There’s always more to the story!