MacGyver Guys are Sexy!

Have you heard about Mechanical Mashup?

They have this great project on making your own photo softbox that has inspired me to create my own. I just had to see what else they could do! Turns out, these guys could make a guitar out of a cigar box, pumpkins that flame, and disposable cups into iPhone holders! Sa-weet!

You know who else I like? The guys on the TV show Food Jammers! When I saw them make their own ice cream with a coffee can and a marble, I was hooked! Any guy that can do that has my attention!

It’s just a LITTLE disturbing that all these guys happen to be Canadian! Where are all my crafty American dudes! MacGyver can’t be the only one!


CrazySexyCrafty: DIY Dirty Dice

You’ve seen these before right? They are called dirty dice or naughty dice and they tell you to do something to a certain part of the body. They are a lot of fun, and very dangerous! Sometimes though, they are limiting, since there is only six sides of the die. You can make your own and get really crazy with it and use whatever verbs and body parts you like!


I found a pic of a cube template. I downloaded it, and put it in my graphics program and typed in the words. If you don’t have a graphics program, you can just print out blank cubes and print words separately, then glue the words on the cube.

Print the cubes on card stock and cut them out. I changed the template when printing so that I would get four smaller images instead of one big one.



Fold. You can score the straight lines with a butter knife or a fabric tracer and a straight edge.














You can even add a third one that has the location! Have fun!

CSE for the Holidays: Butternut Sqaush Soup

So…you’ve been mooching off other people all year and they are just sick of it. So they are eating at your house to eat up all your food! Or, you’ve been passing up social outings cause you can’t afford them and decided to redeem yourself. Or you are always the one to host holiday dinners and need to figure out how you’re going to do this AND stay in your budget.

Food is one of those many areas where we tend to let it all go. With three holidays in such close proximity, that’s alot of money! This feature is for recipes that stay in my 99 cents/pound or under rule. The food is cheap, but it doesn’t taste like it.

Winter squashes are great. They’re not only cheap, but very versatile. In my opinion, everyone needs a good butternut squash soup recipe. This one has fresh ginger and nutmeg. I use coconut milk for creaminess, but you can use whatever creamy liquid you like.

Butternut Squash Soup
2 tablespoons oil
1 large butternut squash, peeled and cubed
1 small white onion, chopped
3 tablespoons of freshly grated ginger
1 teaspoon nutmeg
5 cups of water or stock (vegetable or chicken work fine)
1 cup of coconut milk (or whatever creamy liquid-evaporated milk, half and half, etc.)
1/2 teaspoon salt (or to taste)

In your large soup pot, heat your oil on medium heat. Add your onions. Cook until they soften and are translucent. (If you don’t have any stock, let your onions cook down until they are golden brown and leave brown bits in the bottom of your pot. When you add the water, you de-glaze your pot and get all the flavor!)

Add your squash and your ginger and nutmeg. Toss to coat in the oil and onions. Add your water or stock, cover and bring to a boil. Reduce heat to a simmer and cook about 20-30 minutes or until squash is fork tender.

Remove from heat, and blend with a stick blender, or a regular blender in batches. Add your coconut milk and salt.

Serves 6 as a starter

Still can’t drop “F Bombs” on dating profile!

It really disturbs me that you still can’t say the frugal word on dating sites. But then again, since we JUST started saving money as a nation, nobody has yet learned to have some finesse when approaching the subject. This article gives a few good suggestions on how to handle such a delicate subject without tarnishing your suave image.

Guys ask me about frugal dating alot. They want to know if it’s ok to use a coupon at a restaurant, if they can take a first date to a free concert or if hand picked flowers cut it. Is McDonald’s acceptable? What about the dollar movie?

For me, what it boils down to is HOW WELL you plan the date, not how much money you spent on it. I don’t really need or want to know how much or how little the date cost you. It used to be that a guy would spent A LOT of money on a date and made it known so that he can get something back at the end of the night. That is just as crass and classless as declaring upfront that you don’t plan on spending anymore than $5 on a girl. Neither one of those approaches are a good idea, especially if you want to see her again.

How well you plan is determined by how well you listen and pay attention. If she says that she does frequent McDonalds, then eating there shouldn’t be a problem. If she follows a strict diet, Mickey D’s is a “NO”. Does she like horror movies, Comedies? Love stories? Make sure the dollar movie you’re going to see is something that is of interest to her or both of you.

Keep the coupons to yourself. Pass them quietly to the waiter or stick the two-for-one under the 20 dollar bill at the box office. Keep the focus on her and the possible connection.

You cannot be cheap AND lazy! Lack of money does not mean you stay at home flipping through TV channels and eating canned soup. If you are low on funds, then that means that you need to be high on creativity! If you don’t plan on spending but so much on a date, then you better be exercising your creative muscles! You should be doing that anyway if you are a true cheapskate!

Just create the best atmosphere for deepening the connection. The amount of money spent is secondary.


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