Are there other uses for paper plates?

You bet!

Ever heard of the Glider Workout?

It’s killer! So effective. Those little glider discs are pretty pricey though! Paper plates work great instead.

I even found some of the plastic dinner plates in the house from a party we had, and I like those even better.  If you’re careful with them, they last for a good long while.

Here’s a good video to get you started.


Your personal health care system overhaul

Since we are on the verge on a new era in health care, I thought it would be a good time to kick off this blog with a fresh post.

We all are well aware that we need a system wide overhaul of the health care system.  We know it doesn’t work the way it is. Finally, something is being done about the disparities that exist. My heart goes out to all of those that are in need of a health care system that addresses their needs.


We are also in need of a personal overhaul of our own health care system.  I’m talking about the things that we do personally to take care ourselves.

We have got to stop blaming our schedule, our family, the tv, our job, or our lack of money for the reasons that we don’t take care of ourselves.  Excuses are lame! Self care just has to be a priority.  If we don’t make it a priority while we are healthy, the priority will become paying the huge hospital bill. Paying someone else to take care of you is not frugal. Or sexy.

My own personal self care plan has just four components:

1. Get enough sleep!

2. Exercise regularly!

3. Drink enough water!

4. Eat quality food!

Lack of sleep opens the door for other health problems to creep in.  Your immune system doesn’t work optimally, you more apt to make decisions that are not very wise because your brain is not sharp, and your more likely to make mistakes that could be avoided if you are refreshed. I’ve had to sacrifice tv and internet time.  Sleep is just more important.

Exercising regularly has really decreased my stress and we all know what stress does to the body! I’ve been sticking to my routine by doing exercise that I love, and doing a variety of activities.

It’s amazing to me how little water people actually drink.  They’ll pay premium prices for coffee, sodas, champagne, or beer. I know some people who don’t drink water at all! Say what? I’m not giving any formula, just drink enough water so that when you hit porcelain, everything runs clear!

You might think this is impossible, but I eat very little processed food. Even when I travel.  It’s totally doable.  I make one day on a weekend my marathon cooking day. I make a lot of gluten free, sugar free food, stick it in the freezer, then reheat and add my fresh ingredients.  I always have something at the ready, so that I don’t have to entertain the idea of fast food. A little planning goes a very long way.

You’ve maybe heard all of this before, but it’s not enough to hear it. You have to DO it. Taking care of the basics, or (to put it another way) building a good foundation, takes care of 95% of the problems.