Travel Cheap!: Megabus Low Cost Express Bus Service


On February 19th, I got the chance to get away and spend the weekend in our nation’s capital.

When I was invited, I was a little worried about how I was actually going to get there. Flying was a “no”. Since I quit my job as a flight attendant last year, I have no desire to step into ANY airport, let alone pay a full price ticket. I would now have to wait in the ridiculous security lines. I’ll pass.

It was suggested that I check out Megabus. I was told that there were fares as low a $1! I had never heard of Megabus, or a $1 fare, so research ensued.

Because I was planning my trip far in advance, sure enough, I got a $1 fare going to DC and coming back home. Grand Total: $2.50 round trip (including a 50 cents reservation fee). Tickets can range anywhere from $1 to $20 one way.

With prices this cheap, there’s no way you could have a great experience right? Wrong! So very wrong! The bus was very clean! Alot cleaner than most airplanes that I have been on. I didn’t use the bus restroom, as there were plenty of scheduled stops along the way, but I was told that the bathroom was just as clean. There is wifi, but only 10 minutes after driving off from a dispatch stop. What does this mean? Don’t count on having wifi your whole trip. Plan on alternative ways to entertain yourself.


To make things even better, I even arrived to my destinations 20 minutes early! I’m sure that wouldn’t happen every time, but the drivers do the best they can to stay on schedule!

I’m definitely going to use Megabus again! As my Uncle said, “You can’t get across town for $2.50!”

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