Never pay for phone calls again?

I’m on a roll!
Free t.v. is new to me, but not free phone calls! Years ago, I got into it when I didn’t have a cell phone, and the friends I wanted to talk to were all out of town. I didn’t want to get a cell phone just to keep in touch, so someone suggested I get a headset and use my computer.

I just recently let go of my cell phone. Nobody was really calling or texting me on it, and paying $40/month didn’t seem right just for ’emergencies’. I’ve been using the land line. I just recently reconnected with a friend who lives out of town, and I would like to be able to makes calls TO that person, without asking them to call me all the time or running up the long distance phone bill on the land line. So now I’m back to using the internet phone.

There are quite a few options. And those don’t even include Skype!

You won’t be able to use these services to call outside the U.S. or Canada (except for Skype!) and you can’t use them to make emergency calls. A land line will do for those.


Photography on the DIY

Believe it or not, I used to be gainfully employed as a photographer, however my pictures don’t tell the truth. I’ve made a vow to start practicing again and improve my command of lighting situations.

Problem is, photography is not a cheap hobby or profession. “Practicing” can blow a budget in a minute, literally.  So, some photographers have use alot of ingenuity to create the equipment they need to get the shots they want. is the storehouse site for all things cool, creative, crazy, and crafty when it comes to pictures. The photographer’s pictures are great, but I enjoy their crafty creations even more!

The hidden cost of cell phones

How much are you really paying?

This is why I still have a 90’s style cell phone. I’m not willing to pony up the cost to own a smartphone, pay for the packaging plan you are REQUIRED to get in order to operate said smartphone, pay for all the apps, songs, and movies you get a chance to download….the costs just keep adding up. I don’t even have texting on my phone. I use my cell phone for one purpose…TALKING!

The cellular money pit