So many wine bottles, so many uses!

See this?

This is my ever growing collection of wine bottles. What can I say? I have a family member whose all about the vino. Funny thing is, he’s healthier than all his brothers and friends his age! He’s doing something right!

When I see the glass bottles in the recycling bin, I have to save them! I actually rescue any unbroken glass. It’s just too nice of a material to let go of.

So I have a couple of ideas of what I’m going to do with the bottles and the corks, but it’s always cool to find a few more. I’m not the only one that’s putting wine bottles to good use.

There are five awesome projects at has a few more!

How about wine bottle plant nannies! I bought those plastic flower holders for grave sights at the dollar store to use! Just snip a small piece off the long stake and invert your wine bottle! lists some really great ideas for using all those wine corks!


I’ll be here this weekend!

This will be my first fair! I figured it’s time to use my skills and make things not just for myself. This is scary, since I’ve never done this before, but can’t let fear stop me or I won’t do anything! If you’ll be in Charlotte, stop by! There will be other great artisans there whose stuff I love!

Just a peek at what will be there:

I’ll also be adding new stuff to my Etsy shop after this weekend.

Gotta go back to sewing!

CrazySexyCrafty: DIY Lightbox

If you’re into product photography, whether you are a crafter selling on Etsy, or taking pictures for a food campaign, you have to have good lighting and a way to control it. Professional light box kits are made just for this, but their not cheap!

There is a way to get professional quality without breaking the bank. In fact, this project cost me nothing!

Here’s my setup:

There several ways to make one of these. Here are a few that I like the best:
From Strobist
From Digital Photography School
From Sellers Assisting Sellers
From Studio Lightning
From Studio 6 or 7 (video)
With PVC pipe (video)

You can use tissue paper to cover the squares, but if you don’t have that, you can cut a white plastic grocery bag!

I also leave the back untaped, so it’s easy to break down for storage. Just pull the side flaps in and it won’t fall. I can also pin a cloth backdrop on the wall and feed it through the back for variety.

Get daylight lightbulbs! They are worth it. You have less work to do when you go into your photo editor. If you still can’t get those, then you must make sure your lights are all the same! Then adjust your white balance on your camera.

This has really helped me take better pictures! There’s still alot of room for my improvement, but I’m pleased with my progress. You can see how it’s going in my Etsy shop.

CrazySexyCrafty: Christmas Gifts

What? You mean you haven’t started making any of your gifts yet? Well, it’s time to get crackin’. Seriously, blink and it will be Christmas Eve!

Need some ideas? Here’s a few that I like that are fairly easy. They don’t take more than a few hours, if you’ve already got the DIY bug. Hopefully you won’t need to buy any special equipment to make any of these gifts. The point is to use what you have (or can get fairly cheaply) to make something great.

For people:

Love this laptop sleeve by Carly J. Cais

This bag is easy to make with old denim and a thrifted leather coat. From between the lines.

Jewelry from hardware! Yes! Also check out Hanna Rogge’s great book Hardwear: Jewelry from a Toolbox.

This neckwarmer is just one of the many things Maegan makes. She has a ton of other simple DIY fashion projects.

T-shirt necklaces are easy, quick and super cool. This tutorial even has a video.

For pets:

I made these out of an old towel and a few old t-shirts and my critters just love them! I posted the tute here.

I think Martha Stewart’s site has some of the best pet projects on the web. There’s cool gift ideas for dogs and cats. There’s enough crafts to keep you and your pets busy for a while.

I’m sure that’s not all. Share some of the other ideas for gifts that you like.

Stash Busting!

How silly is this! I was reading a book on making your own skincare products, and it listed various ingredients needed to make certain treatments at home, like guar gum, lecithin, glycerin, aloe vera gel, borax, and beeswax to name a few! I own all of this stuff!

I currently have 10 different kinds of gluten free flours in my refrigerator!

I own egg replacer and powdered egg whites, but still buy real eggs!

I have 14 different colors of sequins.

I’m not even going to discuss the many yards of fabric in my possession. It currently occupies a WHOLE ROOM!

I have several boxes of mini toiletries I’ve collected from various hotels I stayed in when I was a flight attendant.

That’s just the beginning!

So, I’m on a spending freeze and only buying absolute necessities, so that I can put a dent on all this stuff. From the looks of it, it’s gonna be a long time before I have to buy any of this stuff at any store.

I love free organizing!

Of course we always do a free “box run” when moving. Who pays for boxes??!!
I also do box runs when organizing. I consider myself lucky when I can find alot of them that are the same size. Sure, I could’ve made them more spiffy, but the need to organize was more immediate. I’ll decorate them later.

The Moneyless Man: Mark Boyle

Crazy? Yes! Sexy? In a weird way, it is! Frugal? This guy is past that!

You can read more about how Mark lives money free on the Huffington Post. He has a book out now, so I know he won’t be money free for long!