CrazySexyCrafty: DIY Sticker Paper

waterproofed with packing tape

I’ve been experimenting with my own labels and I was using some ink jet label paper I bought years ago and never used it all. When I started to run out, I was thinking about some other alternatives to buying this kind of paper. This stuff doesn’t seem to be a great buy. You don’t get a lot for the money that you spend on it.

I decided to look for other alternatives, and I just love this tute. It’s easy, but it takes some time, so you have to plan ahead. Reading all of the comments will also reveal some different techniques on how to make your stickers waterproof too!

This is for white (or any other color you use) stickers. I don’t think this will work for clear stickers. I’m looking into this too!

waterproofed with decoupage


CrazySexyCrafty: Christmas Gifts

What? You mean you haven’t started making any of your gifts yet? Well, it’s time to get crackin’. Seriously, blink and it will be Christmas Eve!

Need some ideas? Here’s a few that I like that are fairly easy. They don’t take more than a few hours, if you’ve already got the DIY bug. Hopefully you won’t need to buy any special equipment to make any of these gifts. The point is to use what you have (or can get fairly cheaply) to make something great.

For people:

Love this laptop sleeve by Carly J. Cais

This bag is easy to make with old denim and a thrifted leather coat. From between the lines.

Jewelry from hardware! Yes! Also check out Hanna Rogge’s great book Hardwear: Jewelry from a Toolbox.

This neckwarmer is just one of the many things Maegan makes. She has a ton of other simple DIY fashion projects.

T-shirt necklaces are easy, quick and super cool. This tutorial even has a video.

For pets:

I made these out of an old towel and a few old t-shirts and my critters just love them! I posted the tute here.

I think Martha Stewart’s site has some of the best pet projects on the web. There’s cool gift ideas for dogs and cats. There’s enough crafts to keep you and your pets busy for a while.

I’m sure that’s not all. Share some of the other ideas for gifts that you like.