I’m donating socks!

I studied dance while I lived in Japan, and it was the highlight of my time there. I'm on the front row. To find me, look at the hands!

Between 1997-2000, I was an English teacher in Japan. Those three years were some of the best of my entire life. I have always had a real soft spot in my heart for Japan, because I got so much from the Japanese people. I was hired to teach English, but I was embraced, very well cared for, and learned so many things outside of my English classrooms. Even my family was treated so well when they came to visit me. I remember taking my father to the train station and not being at all worried because I knew someone would help him get to his destination.

Now, it’s my turn to give back!

I certainly wish I could give so much more! When you’re on an extreme budget, you often think that you have no way to give, but you have to think outside the box, just like you do when you are trying to figure out how to eat, drive, clothe and entertain yourself on half a shoe-string budget.

I was very excited to learn about Socks for Japan! My mom always buys bunches and bunches of socks. She gets them at the dollar store. I asked her if she would like to give some for the sock drive, and she was more than happy to contribute!

Of course, there are many other ways to contribute. Carly at Chic Steals has a great list of organizations that are accepting donations. And like she says, if you can’t donate money or items, donate a little time and spread the word! Even a little makes such a difference!


One Comment on “I’m donating socks!”

  1. carlyjcais says:

    Oh, Joi – you are just awesome! I had no idea of your connection to Japan…looks like we were there at the same time (for some of the time you were there, at least…;-)

    The movement and sock drives are gaining momentum and I can’t wait to see the first videos and photographs of the socks being distributed. It brings tears to my eyes to be able to do something more personal, that goes directly to the victims in a single step, without being funneled through the accounts of numerous aid organizations, distributed to local organizations, used to buy goods, and THEN given to the victims. (Of course I did that first, but, sometimes a little more is, as you wrote…”such a difference!”)

    Thank you!

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