CrazySexyCrafty: DIY Lightbox

If you’re into product photography, whether you are a crafter selling on Etsy, or taking pictures for a food campaign, you have to have good lighting and a way to control it. Professional light box kits are made just for this, but their not cheap!

There is a way to get professional quality without breaking the bank. In fact, this project cost me nothing!

Here’s my setup:

There several ways to make one of these. Here are a few that I like the best:
From Strobist
From Digital Photography School
From Sellers Assisting Sellers
From Studio Lightning
From Studio 6 or 7 (video)
With PVC pipe (video)

You can use tissue paper to cover the squares, but if you don’t have that, you can cut a white plastic grocery bag!

I also leave the back untaped, so it’s easy to break down for storage. Just pull the side flaps in and it won’t fall. I can also pin a cloth backdrop on the wall and feed it through the back for variety.

Get daylight lightbulbs! They are worth it. You have less work to do when you go into your photo editor. If you still can’t get those, then you must make sure your lights are all the same! Then adjust your white balance on your camera.

This has really helped me take better pictures! There’s still alot of room for my improvement, but I’m pleased with my progress. You can see how it’s going in my Etsy shop.


2 Comments on “CrazySexyCrafty: DIY Lightbox”

  1. carlyjcais says:

    Oh, wow, Joi! This is a fantastic idea! I’ll be making one myself in the near future…and linking in a DIY Links of the Week I’m posting later today!
    Thanks so much for your supportive comment:-)

  2. […] DIY Lightbox over at CrazySexyFrugal!  If you ever have to photograph products, crafts, or small items that needs beautiful lighting…this is a MUST.  And sooo cheap too! […]

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