Oh boy!

……People spent more than expected on family and friends and splurged on themselves, too, an ingredient missing for the past two Christmases. Clothing such as fur vests and beaded sweaters replaced practical items like pots and pans. Even the family dog is getting a little something extra.

“You saw joy back in the holiday season,” said Sherif Mityas, partner in the retail practice at A.T. Kearney……..

Really? So the joy in the holiday season is buying stuff?



One Comment on “Oh boy!”

  1. tzopilotl says:

    …the joy is in spending money after being a cheapskate all year, plus the challenge of not spending too much
    and paralyzing yourself into a perpetual state of remorse.
    smoke=poca(sp/fem.adj.)=little, few.
    Onions is perplexed about frugal and says, sparingly
    supplied(like a fire)/furnished(ditto). when you’re
    frugal there’s smoke but not much fire=tletl(N)=
    t/l/red/t/l(letra=t/let/l). however, Onions comes
    on again at the last, saying, product of the soil,
    which is true about tree/firewood, but rather
    of him.
    when etymologists don’t avail themselves of pie
    Nauatl, they are forced to be frugal.

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