Coupons! I finally get it!

I have never really gotten into clipping coupons in the past, because they are mere trickery. Too many conditions are put on them to save any money by just taking a 2×1 piece of paper into the store with you. “Save $1 on any three items”, “Save 25 cents on …(are you kidding me? 25 measly cents???)”, “Save $2 when you buy 8 rolls or more!”. Let’s be serious. You can save more by buying cheap house brands, no coupon necessary.

Let’s not mention the fact that most coupons are for products and novelty food stuffs that I don’t eat. I wouldn’t try them with a 50 cent coupon either.

Today though, I finally understood how to use these things. You can’t use them by themselves. You have to use them with a store sale to save money. For example, I found a coupon for Bird’s Eye frozen veggies. I miss broccoli, so I thought I would look into this. The coupon says “Save $1 on any three bags, excluding Steamfresh.” Well, at one of my local stores, they were selling Bird’s Eye brand (2 lb bags) of frozen veggies “buy one get one free”! Yee-haw! With my coupon, I racked up! Each bag ended up costing me about 75 cents per pound in the end.

For die hard coupon cutters, this is not new news. They’ve been doing this for years! But for people in my age bracket (18-34), using coupons like this could mean we might be able to get more than a quarter tank of gas and actually eat more than ramen noodles for a week.

You only sacrifice a few hours a week to save a whole lot of money. You do have to leaf through the coupons and the sales circulars to match up the bargains, but for me, I get a very good return on my time investment. And hold on to the coupons that you couldn’t match up this week. Next week is a brand new sale, and you can get the double roll toilet paper you had a coupon for last week!


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