Still can’t drop “F Bombs” on dating profile!

It really disturbs me that you still can’t say the frugal word on dating sites. But then again, since we JUST started saving money as a nation, nobody has yet learned to have some finesse when approaching the subject. This article gives a few good suggestions on how to handle such a delicate subject without tarnishing your suave image.

Guys ask me about frugal dating alot. They want to know if it’s ok to use a coupon at a restaurant, if they can take a first date to a free concert or if hand picked flowers cut it. Is McDonald’s acceptable? What about the dollar movie?

For me, what it boils down to is HOW WELL you plan the date, not how much money you spent on it. I don’t really need or want to know how much or how little the date cost you. It used to be that a guy would spent A LOT of money on a date and made it known so that he can get something back at the end of the night. That is just as crass and classless as declaring upfront that you don’t plan on spending anymore than $5 on a girl. Neither one of those approaches are a good idea, especially if you want to see her again.

How well you plan is determined by how well you listen and pay attention. If she says that she does frequent McDonalds, then eating there shouldn’t be a problem. If she follows a strict diet, Mickey D’s is a “NO”. Does she like horror movies, Comedies? Love stories? Make sure the dollar movie you’re going to see is something that is of interest to her or both of you.

Keep the coupons to yourself. Pass them quietly to the waiter or stick the two-for-one under the 20 dollar bill at the box office. Keep the focus on her and the possible connection.

You cannot be cheap AND lazy! Lack of money does not mean you stay at home flipping through TV channels and eating canned soup. If you are low on funds, then that means that you need to be high on creativity! If you don’t plan on spending but so much on a date, then you better be exercising your creative muscles! You should be doing that anyway if you are a true cheapskate!

Just create the best atmosphere for deepening the connection. The amount of money spent is secondary.


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