My Husqvarna Viking Serger Giveaway Entry

Sew Mama Sew is offering a chance for readers to win a brand new Husqvarna Viking s21 serger. Yes, it’s fantastic! This is my contest entry:

Take a look at this costume:

It’s a belly dance costume that was given to me. It didn’t have a skirt, so I made a flowy crimson chiffon skirt to match the color in the costume.

There’s about eight yards of chiffon fabric (which is often slippery, easy to snag and super frustrating) I had to create a rolled hem for. I don’t have any special feet or special machines to make a rolled hem, so it took 4 days just to hem the skirt itself! Afterwards, my hands looked liked this:

This beautiful serger will most certainly change my life! I’m a professional belly dancer and from the beginning, I have always made my costumes. Although I enjoy the creative process that goes into making costumes, the real reason I make them is that professional belly dance costumes are extremely expensive! Sometimes, you can pay upwards to $1000. You would think that those prices would guarantee quality, but many times, that’s not the case. So I choose to make my own, where I can be assured quality workmanship and fit.

I love twirly chiffon skirts, even if it takes four days to hem them. I’m quite sure that this beautiful Husqvarna Viking serger would make rolled hems a breeze! That would shorten my costume making time so I could do more dancing and my fingers would look more like this:


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