CrazySexyCrafty: Purse organizer

I saw a purse organizer on TV one night. You know, the ones where you can put 101 things in it and everything has it’s very one pocket and you can find everything and it fits all the 101 things in your very small purse for the very large price of…….

Somehow, in all of the dizzying marketing speak, I managed to ask myself if it’s possible to actually make a purse organizer.

Not only did I find a pattern, I found a really easy pattern with extremely clear instructions.  I made one for my mother for her birthday and one for myself. I just love it.  I don’t have 101 things, but the things that I do have, I can actually locate in my purse, and since it now has a proper place, I can put it right back in that place so I can find it again.  It is certainly worth the time and effort I spent making it.


3 Comments on “CrazySexyCrafty: Purse organizer”

  1. Leesee says:

    Where is this pattern I need to make one too thanks in advance

  2. robyn says:

    Thanx for the Purse Organizer Recipe. Regards, Robyn.

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