I broke my fast today. I lasted for five days.

As much as I thought that I would actually enjoy this experiment, I actually ended up feeling deprived, which led to frustration.

The frustration wasn’t food related. I eat simply, so I’m used to eating with few ingredients, or what’s on hand.  The frustration came from not being able to finish things because I would run out of something. Generally, I would just go and get that one thing and finish. I hate having unfinished projects lying around, because my energy goes toward what needs to be finished, so I can enjoy that feeling of accomplishment. When I don’t accomplish what I start out to do, I feel so irritated.

It was small things that I ran out of. Black and purple thread. Staples for my staple gun. I tried using my regular staples, but of course they weren’t strong enough to finish the job. I did try using another color thread to finish the sewing project, but the different color is so garish. You can see that two different colors were used and it makes the whole garment look so unprofessional. To pick out the stitches would take longer that it did to put them in, so I just hid the dress in the drawer. That defeats the whole purpose of sewing it in the first place!

Would I do another fiscal fast? Yes, but differently. I remember when I did my first ever food fast. I did one that was so extreme, that it really turned me off from doing them ever again. It took a while to learn that there were different kinds of fasts, and that there was a method out there that I would like. It took different types and many tries to find The One. I have a feeling that it will be the same with a fiscal fast. Someday, I will find a way to do one so that I feel good about actually doing it, instead of waiting for the day that I can finally just go to the store to get what I need to finish doing what I wanted to do.


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