CrazySexyCrafty: DIY Thread holder

My sewing/crafting space is now a little more organized and alot more functional.  I noticed I had alot of thread that was in boxes. That wasn’t working, because I had to go through all the boxes to find the color I was looking for. Not very efficient.

Yes, I could have bought a $10 thread rack, but those never seem to be big enough for my growing thread stash and the price I have to pay for them. There are some great tutes out there for some thread racks that blow me away, but I would have to invest in more tools than I currently have, such as a saw or dremel tool, a peg board, dowels, and wood glue.

What I did have was loads of chopsticks. Uhh, it’s a little hard to explain, so I’ll just say that I had a presentation I was doing on another culture and I needed the sticks.  I bought them really cheap from a Chinese restaurant, but you can probably buy them at any Asian food market. I had the ones that had a square tip on the end. It stops the chopstick from going right through the spools, and the square shape is perfect for pushing into….

Floral foam!

This stuff is cheap! You can get it at the dollar store.

I loaded the spools on, and just pushed the stick right in.  The spools on the sticks help to determine spacing.

I didn’t like the raw green look, so I printing off a few vintage sewing pictures, cut to size and goes glued on with regular Elmer’s glue.

That’s it!

Someday, I will make a more elaborate thread rack, but this would do me just fine for now. I love the way it came out.


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