My spending says alot about me!

What you see here is my craft area. What you can’t see is the insane amount of glue, paint, beads, sequins, fabric, thread, notions, blank t-shirts and tools that are above and under the table. I have managed to amass quite a collection of sewing and crafting notions.

Yesterday, I spent $60 on beaded dresses. Why? Beacuase I make costumes out of them. You see, I’m a belly dancer. One of the first things you learn as a dancer is that costumes are expensive! They are also very detailed and time consuming to make, hence why they cost so much! Since I’m a hard core DIYer, I learned to make my own costumes. Spending $60 for six beaded dresses for costume conversion instead of $600 for one costume that will depreciate in value makes more sense to me.

What you also don’t see is my overstuffed food pantry and freezer. I prefer to cook my own food, so it’s not stuffed with prepackaged novelty items, but fresh and frozen food, and the herbs, spices, oils and other ingredients to cook with.

Looking at all these things in my possession, I had an epiphany:

I have a compulsive need to make things!

It doesn’t matter if it’s food, costumes, custom t-shirts or choreographies. I have to indulge in the creative process.

So it’s now obvious to me that I really value creativity. It has to be a part of my life in some way, or I’m very unhappy. I can still be creative and spend a whole lot less. I am working on that.


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