I’m gearing up for a fast!

In all my years, I have done many fasts. I’ve abstained from certain foods, all foods, talking, cursing, TV watching, driving, driving at night, cooking, and sex just to name a few. I have never, ever abstained from spending money.

Even when I don’t have alot of it, I still figure out ways to spend some of what I have. On something. No matter how small. Or large.

Jeff Yeager says to do it for a week. Even though I’m penny pinching like crazy, I still buy something small at least every three days. So even though a week seems like a really short amount of time, I think I’ll start there. If things go well, I think about extending it to two weeks.

It will be a time of increased creativity and thinking about things other than money. Or will I only think about money because I won’t be spending any? I guess I’ll find out!


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