My thrift store rules

A recent beauty score at the thrift store

Everybody who shops in thrift stores has a way of finding good things there. These are my personal rules that have served me well over the years:

*Know your style. I know that I’m curvy/muscular, so I need clothes that show curves. I can’t where anything too big, or I just look shorter and dumpy. Nothing square or boxy, so mod style is totally out for me! I also lean towards ethnic/worldly influences.

*Stick to natural materials. I personally hate synthetics. I don’t like the way they feel and I don’t like the way they wear. They also fall apart more often. I used to buy synthetics because that’s all I could really afford when buying retail. I can afford to be selective when I shopping at thrift stores. Nowadays, there are so many nice things on the racks. I have found some nice cotton, silk, leather, wool and linen pieces. Some still had the tags attached.

*Go on a weekday, early if possible.  Saturdays are crowded for obvious reasons.

*Make sure you understand the return policy.

*Try it on! Just because it’s cheap doesn’t mean it should be ill fitting. Since I sew, some things can be altered, but alot of things are not worth the time.

*If there is something wrong with it, see what it is. Is there a button missing? You may be able to find another one.  Is the strap broken? If you can sew, you can probably fix it. Is there a stain? That’s a little more tricky. Since you can’t really find out what kind of stain it is, you probably won’t be able to get it out, so pass. If the garment is going to be altered and the stain is going to be cut out, you can probably work with it.

*Clean your closets out frequently. Sometimes you end up bringing home alot. I make sure stuff that I don’t need or use goes on to someone that find a home for it.


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