A first for me

This is my first DIY leather purse. Actually, this is my first purse I’ve ever made. I made it from an old leather coat.

It was such a pain! A complete mind game. It’s not at all perfect. The button is off center. Pieces of the lining and leather will need to be hand sewn because the layers were too thick on the machine. I had the worse time with the lining and trying to figure out how to attach it so that it’s on the right side when turned inside out. That was the hardest part.

But you know what? I am so exhilarated that I actually made it! And I’m so doing it again!

I will be making some changes though. I realize that my sewing will be so much better when I slow down and quit skipping the little details just to be done faster.  I forgot to clip away the excess fabric before turning inside out and I didn’t put the darts in that the pattern suggested. Those techniques would have made a more refined purse.  I also just need to stop sewing when I’m tired. I push through so I can be finished, but it just results in sloppy stitches. I do much better when I’m refreshed and relaxed.

I hoping my next leather project will be 3 times better!


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