Identifying The Wants

Hey, we all have them.

I’ll start. I want these:

from Forever 21

Great summer heel that goes with some of the edgier items I have for summer wear this year.  They are cute and affordable.

But, that’s not the point.

What will happen if I buy these shoes?

I won’t wear them!

How do I know this?

I currently have three pairs of shoes sitting in my closet that have never been worn! They are all cute and they were affordable when I bought them.

I don’t want these shoes to have the same fate. I don’t want to feel like I spent my $30 in vain. I need to give my other shoes a chance to be seen.

I’m enjoying looking at the reasons why I buy certain things. Most of the time, it’s not because I actually need the item. Identifying the wants and the reasons for wanting them has been a real eye opener about feelings, impulses, spending habits, justification, imaginary lack, and excuses. I notice that when I work on the internal reasons for me spending money, I tend to spend less or nothing at all.

Here’s another good example. I was at GW boutique (we all know that one right?) There was a beautiful, never been worn coat on the racks. Tags were still on. They sell their coats for $8. I tried it on, and it fit perfectly. I was just about to plunk down my money, when I stopped cold. My brain said “What are you buying this for?” I actually thought about it for a minute. I didn’t need the coat! It didn’t match anything, it didn’t have pockets and I have several coats that are just as cute already in my closet. I was going to buy it because it was new and only eight bucks! So, I put it back. It wasn’t about the $8, but about why I was about to spend it in the first place!

I’m really beginning to see why I have such a huge chunk of money in my “shopping” piece of the money pie I posted earlier.


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