The Little Things Really Do Add Up!

I was in denial.  I didn’t want to believe it.  Then, I saw it with my own eyes!

This is a snapshot of the spending that I’ve done so far this month (Courtesy of No, they are not paying me!) I think the beauty their service is the ability to show you what and how you spend your money in instant visual aids.  I knew I was spending the majority of my money on food, which I’m ok with, but I had no idea that I was shopping so much! What was I shopping for you ask? Little things! Things I could really have done without.  Cool stuff I saw at the dollar store. I didn’t need them. Aluminum foil and baggies for taking food. My dad had already bought these items, so I didn’t need to buy them! I should have checked with him first. I couldn’t find my favorite nail polish so I went and bought another, only to find it when I got home! That’s what happens when you are unorganized!

Without the pie chart, I wouldn’t be taking these little trips to the store very seriously. I just would be wondering where all of my money went at the end of the month when I look at my bank statement. Now, before I go anywhere, I take a list, and before I get to the register, I do a soul search and ask myself if I really need what I’m about to buy. “Can it wait a little bit?” “Is there something else I can use that’s at home already?” “Do I really need to eat THIS for dinner?”  “Can I eat what’s already at home?”  “Does someone I know have this thing I’m about to buy?”  “I should ask them if I can have or borrow it.”

These days, and any other day, the little things are just as important as everything else!


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